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Smile New Events for the Month of November!

Hello Rohanians!

We want to see your artistic interpretation of your favorite pet! Simply draw your favorite pet and attach it as a reply here!

We are looking for hand drawn images this time! So we want to see it on paper with colored pencils, pens, crayons, oil, watercolor, whatever you want! Make sure you sign your image with your forum ID and also add your character name and server when you reply with your submission!

-Image must be hand drawn and on paper or canvas (if you want to get fancy :P)
-SIGN your drawing
-When you reply with your submission, make sure you include character name and server
-Anything submitted that can not be easily determined that it was hand made will be removed, so it's best if the photo of your creation shows the edges of your paper

When: 11/6-11/20

Participation: Special Pet Food x3

We will also pick our top 3 favorites!
1st: Incomprehensible Pet Feed (1000 feeds for your pet)
2nd: King Lion (30 Days, has level 3 stats)
3rd: King Lion (15 Days, has level 3 stats)

Enjoy killing players? Well this is the perfect event for you! We're looking for some awesome videos of PvP where your target is a red or pink named character!

Simply roam around and find somebody who has engaged in PvP against another player and now has a red or pink name and cut them down! Once you have some good footage, edit your video and upload it to Youtube!


What we're looking for:
Duration: At least 1 minute
Upload: YouTube
Content: You (and a party if you wish) hunting players who are pink or red named
Editing: Please make the video as awesome as possible with sweet editing!

Prizes (on 12/3)
Submission Prize (only to account who submits video): 10x Sacred Heart's Blessing (High)
We will pick our favorite 3 videos and they will also receive: 1,000 RPs, 2,000 RPs, or 3,000 RPs

Hello Rohanians!

Welcome to our I <3 Rohan Event! This event is for you all to get out in the real world and show how much you love Rohan!

What you need to do is print out the following image and have somebody take a photo of you somewhere while holding the printed image and reply with your photo! This can be at a coffee shop, the library, your school, or even a very awesome tourist spot! The more people in your picture with you, the better prize you will be rewarded with!


Only you in photo: Radiant Ancient Enhancement Stone + chance to win 1,000 RPs!
5 people in photo: 2x Rare and 1x Unique Forge Preservation Stone + chance to win 3,000 RPs!
10 people in photo: Ultimate Package + chance to win 5,000 RPs!

***Note*** No editing allowed in the images, and absolutely NO derogatory comments regarding people in the photos. This is your only warning and punishment will be temporary week ban!

For more information please visit this LINK