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If you are aiming for a gunner I can tell you it's quite complicated to become a good gunner.

First. Gunners have the worst damage of all classes, although they are the best class you can choose to fight a 1x1 against a MONSTER.

Gunners are pure AC, however we rely a lot on the LK stats as well, we all know the creators of this game don't like gunners in PvP, the proof of that is that they decided that a lot of skills will simply bypass the LK stat. In other words, gunners don't PvP.

The game says LK affects compound but that's a lie. After 100 or 200LK the results can be pretty much the same to any person. LK is the most Effed up stats in this game. In other words, fox and lions can compound as well as any other class. (The Compound Mastery skill has been broken since the game was released)

The lack of a shield will be a pain at higher levels. A suicide build like mine 4 power 4 sense is not for everybody. You should go with 3 or 4 charm to compensate the lack of DP with HP.

The good things about being a gunner. We can hunt and drill items better than any of the other classes.

We can hunt bosses better than anyone else as well. I can take down ANY of trickster bosses in less than 15 seconds(except for Spicy dragon, this one can go up to 25-40 seconds)

About the gear: Extremely hard to find and quite expensive and having MyShop gear is mandatory for a gunner.

That's pretty much about it. Words of a gunner fox playing since 2007.

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