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Exclamation Wouldn't it be nice? (Ideas thread)

I just had some ideas, which I'm sure others have had also! So why not post our random ideas of TO here?

Like for instance, what if Jewelia and Fantasia combined into one server? With two sub servers like Jewelia used to be? Of course; this couldn't happen due to character issues for those who have all slots filled on both servers... But it'd be nice, yes? New people for the others to meet! Just a thought...

Or maybe if there were all colors of every fashion? I know I would personally enjoy having a 2nd job kitty with a purple skirt or white boots. Or maybe even a sheep with a green dress and white shoes. Of course; I know there are other people who are like me and have a need for fashion, so maybe some day!

Maybe have different colored animal parts also! Like red Dragon wing ears, or white with black spots on kitty tails. Black Bunny ears or even a white foxy. A dark brown lion... Surely others have ideas like this!

Wouldn't it be neat to have capes that looked legitly like wings and didn't cover our tails? And when we moved; they flapped? Like angel wings that had feathers falling from it every once and a while. Or demon wings that gave off an aura. Or maybe even steam punk metal wings that smoked. Just a though, right?

And maybe even to hide your guardian every once and a while. That thing gets a bit annoying sometimes, doesn't it?

What if we could draw our own pictures for our Profile's image? Wouldn't that be nice? Many seem to have their own image in game for themselves, a unique look that you can always identify them as. It'd be cool to be able to have that as our profile image too.

Does anyone else have different ideas? I'd sure like to hear them! Leave a comment on here about them. Let's see what Trickster is thinking. :3

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