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I farmed cards myself when I was Card IDing for my Legendary C:

I spent hours on Cora 2. My friend recommended Tap 1, since the cards may drop in 5s sometimes, Mirage, since I can sell the Panacea, and Phantom Rooms, since the rooms are smaller.

I personally liked Cora because Tap 1 takes too much pots, Mirage is TOO BIG, and Phantom Rooms creep me out if I stay there too long. (jk, I didnt think the drop rate was high enough)

I'd recommend you get a party, preferably one with magic types who can do Electro Attack, Wind Blade, Razor Gale, Scorching Earth, and/or Whirlwind. (Wind Blade is the best imo)

Start a massacre and wreck that place up.

I get around 40-50 cards in 2-3 hours solo. I think.

Good luck with your guardian! C: And right now I'll tell you that you might suffer from a heart attack when your seed stops glowing.

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