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Default Pure Lion or Fox?

Heya. I've been using Sheep for quite a long time, and I'm thinking of making a new (another) char. I'm pretty sure I don't want a Charm type. I already have a Bunny, so I'm currently choosing between A pure DA Fox or AC Lion.

The reason I can't decide is:

1. I heard that Foxes always run out of MP fast.
2. But their skills (like the Poison skill) is awesome.
3. Lions lack defense and also need MP.
4. Its normal attack is stronger than a Bunny/Buff's (in some way I guess).

There may be a lot more reasons behind it, but here's a few things about me:

1. I can't afford to be hax.
2. I don't have DA and AC Equips atm.
3. Never used a Lion or Fox as a "main" yet (I turn em into mules lol)
4. Don't use myshop.
5. I don't intend to use whatever char I pick just for afk drilling or making money.

So...? C: