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Might as well post some info about the game.

Has permadeath, and expects you'll probably die a few times within your play time (However, the permadeath is only a chance based on how many times you died and other factors, if you play safe, you probably won't permadeath even if you die). There's an "account level" separate from character level that gives you bonuses and caps your character levels. The game is openly PK everywhere, even in town, although the guards will attack you, and PKing labels you as a criminal which will probably get you killed. Players are able to put bounties on other players.

You can steal items off dead player bodies, status effects are pretty nasty along with traps. Each dungeon has some puzzles and sort of feels like a single player adventure, except for the fact other players are running around too.

The game gives you semi-random stats when you level up based on your stat growth. You can sort of freely change classes, and can multi-class to a small extent. Combat is action, taking in account for weapon and skill ranges with actual hitboxes and sidesteps/blocks with stamina management.

I'd describe this as an in-depth RPG with old fashion roots with some modern updates.