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Originally Posted by Bng422
Buff? Seriously?

On map with very high altitude (that map with the rocket launching in the middle comes to mind) it can be deadly. My Amuro Zeta got raped so hard on that map because the incoms reflect beams and it could hit me anywhere if the Ex-S is on top.

The only reason why it's low tier is because of the craptacular defense. If it's used skillfully it's a ***** to fight against.
i can't disagree with that, but amuro's zeta gets raped by anything that is paper.

and i didn't say they should buff the atk, im talking about that low ass defense that it has, i mean i once had to 1v1 a FAZZ to win a game i had like 60% HP and he had 25%, and he owned my ass cuz his missiles are just too retarded.

an i-field + defense buff wont hurt, that's all i want.