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Haha, thanks for weighing in Yuki and Vare. Is that one of your dogs Vare? It looks like he or she is saying, "Come play with me!" To be honest, thinking a dog is pretty much going to be the winner of this discussion. Those were some cute pictures of cats though ^^.

Again, it probably won't happen until at least next year but collecting some basic background info is helpful. My dad is leaning toward a Golden Retriever but it doesn't matter to me what breed it is, as long as it's happy living with us. We'll probably spend time interacting with different dogs in shelters several times over the summer to see which one will be a good fit for us, both size and personality-wise.

Yay, chem down, next up, math and bio X.x

Update: Finished response article almost a full twelve hours before it is due .

"The sad part about a good series ending is feeling like there is so much more that could be written."-K.M.

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