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Originally Posted by InfernalGuy
Ok. Do you remember what Trickster was like, I don't know, 5 years ago? First thing, people were FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR more friendly, no comments needed. You might say there was less skills, content and whatever, but didn't people had fun? They did! Without any seals, without scrolls, without HAXXX altiverse stuff. We actually HAD to party, which breaks the walls between people. Look at it today. Barely few people party or even if they do, it's for grinding/PQ purposes. No friendly questing, no aiding of each nother - nothing! Go to paradise and try to make a party. I'll handshake you if you manage to get 5 people.
You might say that "I don't like partying, I prefer solo gaming". Go play any casual RPG then. MMOs ARE MADE TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE. Then, why should I do that, if I can just become A BEAST with all these seals :| I wish TO would be more party-reliant. Look at Harkon Defence - it's dead. No one cares. Because it's a challange that requires team work and coordination. But why should we? We can feel like gods on our own.
I'm not sure if I'm clear enough, ask something specific if I'm not
I guess so, with more stuff that makes us stronger, it widens the gap of having to rely on others. An example would be the Priest job, its supposed to be a support class and yet it can kill fine on its own And with Guardians that could get 2nd job Runes, solo bossing was made possible since I can simply use my guardian's Shield Break rather than look for an Inventor Lion to help me with killing the boss.

Well, with GvG, hopefully it will bring people closer. I wish TO had scheduled event like Ragnarok Online's Guild "Emperium" Defense where guilds had to defend their own Harkon-like Crystal from other players. Sort of like a Free-for-all GvG + Tower Defense. Now that was fun

Originally Posted by kite384
hm and there are still friendly people who help out each other
and i personally dont go shadow harkon protect lately cuz im so busy idk what to do first in trickster seriously owo
Me too, I can barely play this game. I can just login and do daily CT, maybe fiesta only once a day

Originally Posted by fate23
@infernal Isn't the not partying for friendly questing or aiding each other the fault of the people rather than SGI? Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Harkon defense isn't abandoned due to it being challenging it's more that the rewards for it aren't great.
True, since the people are the ones actually buying the stuff that makes them GODLY. SGI is just laying the GODLY stuff down for those who want to buy them. Some people want SGI to take the stuff out so that people will be FORCED TO party.

And I think I agree with that Harkon Defense bit. I think someone else said that also. Rewards aren't that great.
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