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Originally Posted by SteelFlex
Whats with all u guys, complainin about myshop. Stuff gets released whether you like it or not. So what if there's seals that give you extra stats/bonuses for a day, not like its the end of trix or anythin. It's there get over it -.-

And if i missed anything i didnt really care enough to read through the previous posts
Uhhh, it was a bit lengthy so feel free to skip through it. I just accept whatever TO throws at me, be it good or bad.

Originally Posted by kite384
that o3o
I guess people are just bored of the same old stuff that they want more new stuff other than a re-modified scroll. Mind you other people, there is the Item Drop Seal, which is somewhat new.

Originally Posted by kite384
and if they would release instant lvl 400 ms item i couldnt care less o.o not everyone would buy such a thing
True. Not everyone, maybe some. Just like the Sex Change Potion, 2nd/3rd Job Change Item Package, etc.

Originally Posted by kite384
true true goes back to enjoy the game :3
Agreed, now let's go back to the free cake in the game! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Trickster!
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