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Originally Posted by Rare
Since you're so happy and accepting of anything and everything SGI releases, regardless of its its implications for the game in the long run, I'm sure they could release an item that gets you level 400 instantly and your arguments for it would be exactly the same.

There's nothing wrong with it. You obviously didn't understand my post. Some people here don't enjoy grinding because they think it takes too much time or it's too hard for them. But if you try out another game (LaTale, for example) you would see that grinding in TO is dead easy in comparison. Speaking in general, one level in another game could easily take you several hours to get. I'm surprised people aren't used to the leveling speed in TO by now, even if it is for a pure Bunny (the slowest class to level by grinding solo).

People who wants it to be EASIER than easy will buy it

Meaning what? I'm a MyShop user myself and "we" are constantly getting something better than in-game players with practically every patch. Were you around when Azhi Boxes were first released? So many players complained about that kind of "lolboxes" (myself included) ruining the game back then, but now most of us are used to them and these random boxes have become a regular thing. Maybe some of us just hope that each patch will bring more new and interesting game content (level 300+ quests, maybe?) instead of cash shop items like these that increasingly make this game seem like a walk in the park!

So its you guys who got used to these kinds of releases, not the other players. And besides, maybe GMs are stuck in a rut and can't think of a story plot for quests Levels 300+.

Why bother doing quests? Why bother leveling? Maybe if SGI release a "Level 400 Rune" someday, then people (with your logic) can spend $1,000 to reach the level cap instantly. Seriously, no.

Well, they did give out 2nd Job and 3rd Job Change MS items. Its up to GMs to decide on that "Instant Level 400" item. I'm just here playing THEIR game.

The massive inflation was in part due to a certain glitch abuser (ROBOCOBO) duplicating galders and items and then giving away all the stuff, allowing this money that came out of nowhere overnight to filter through the economy.

Yeah, but did I just sit down and complain and say to GMs "Track down who obtained what from the hacker and remove the galders they got from an abused glitch"? No, I adapted to the economy and moved forward.

So you state that GameGuard will be good for us, and then admit that it's only wishful thinking? That sounds more like false hope to me.

Evidence that GameGuard is bad: Take a look at all the complaints here, it's simple.
Evidence that GmaeGuard is good: ..?

Maybe it's because some of us prefer constructive criticism to constantly welcoming every single change with open arms. I don't know about you, but I've been playing since pre-Revo. Like others here (and maybe yourself as well), I've seen the game gone through some big changes. I would personally like to see it improve more.

GameGuard hasn't been OBVIOUSLY impressive since we haven't actually seen it work. But its common sense to put an anti-hacking system or whatever to protect the system rather than wait for such another hack attack to occur and then everybody will be complaining that a hacker is ruining the economy, causing everyone to DC, bla bla bla, but at that time it will be TOO LATE

[SIZE=1]Also.. if EXP seals = 2k, that's 100m per seal. 100m for 24 hours of +200%, of which some hours would definitely be wasted.
If you buy boosters for 10m each, that's 80m[SIZE=1] (8 boosters = 24 hours) for the same thing.

Originally Posted by kite384
the good side about seals is you dont have to equiep a booster o:

that could be a important factor in training for a couple people cuz you can be stronger if dont have to equiep a booster
Originally Posted by Care
Of course they stack, silly bear.
*Cough!* What these two said *Cough!*

Yeah, anyway let's all go in and enjoy the seals

PS: I respect everything that Rare said and I cherish these moments of "sharing ideas" Peace!
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