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Sorry, I should've mentioned I had it running as Admin and in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3.

I just tried logging in right now, and I'll give it like 20min to see what happens.

I know people have been reporting absurd amounts of time to login, but what should I be expecting?

And on another note, shouldn't I be getting a little banner for GameGuard popping up on my screen before the client opens up?

Because for me, TO just speeds open faster than I can blink.

Also, My antivirus/firewall is ZoneAlarm. I have that shut off currently, no WMP (as much as it pains me to go without music XD) and right after I post this i'm shutting down Chrome just for the sake of having every base covered.

Edit: Hour later and the client is still idle at the login screen saying "logging in..."

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