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Originally Posted by Torikakae
Things real money can't buy? You mean things that don't require real money? Mmkay:

Altiverse equips, Compound Materials, Mine Stones (for upgrading equipments), Boss Sets, quick leveling in CT, Fiesta Maps, PPD's, HP and MP potions, those are the things at the top of my head for now but most of the necessary things don't need real money. These seals may make things easier, but they're far from necessary.
No, I meant things that you can't buy even if you have the real money to pay for them. All those things (and many more) can be obtained with real money, even if indirectly - just sell MyShop for galders, and use those galders to pay for them. Yes, you're right that people can choose to have fun however they want, but in relation to most other MMOs, do you think this is how Trickster should be?

Imagine a complete beginner who has nothing in-game but a lot of money in real life. They wouldn't need to bother to learn anything about the game. Want level 400? Pay someone to power level you. It wouldn't take more than 2 months (trust me). Want to be able to kill everyone in PvP? Buy tons of MyShop (along with your paid-for, power-leveled 400 levels) and go brag about how amazing you are in PvP. I've seen a handful of people who are fairly high level (250+) but don't have the slightest clue about some of the game's basics.

Originally Posted by Torikakae
So what if they want money? What's wrong with it? Are they forcing you to pay money? Will they kill your account if you don't pay money? Will they delete everything you own if you don't pay money? They may want money, but you're the one who's giving it to them. Hell, Apple wants my money but I've yet to buy a damn iPhone like everyone else. They can show, tempt, and brag all they want. The purchasing power is still with ME and it is MY responsibility to spend it wisely, and if I choose not to spend it on these things while others do, why would that be a problem to me?

Just because they want money, doesn't mean they're totally at fault. It's half your fault if you actually buy it.
Their wanting money was not my point, so I won't argue that. I never said it's a problem that they want more money, even if it doesn't surprise me. SGI is a company and I understand that.

Originally Posted by Torikakae
PS. "Hard Work" makes me laugh a bit. This is a game. This shouldn't feel like hard work. If you're having fun grinding, bossing, hunting, and collecting, then congrats! That's your way of having fun! If not, then you can spend your real life money that you (or most likely your parents) WORKED HARD for. If you wish to trade real life HARD WORK (in the form of money/time spent working) instead of in-game HARD WORK (time spent in front of the computer, which is TIME SPENT like spent for working a job), then it's your choice because that's how you enjoy yourself. Why would I care? Should I feel jealous? As long as you know what you're doing, and you're having fun with it, then spend away! I trust that you're responsible enough with YOUR OWN money to buy YOUR OWN happiness.
Things like "hard work" are said in context; if you choose to take it out of its context and compare it to real life situations, that's your choice. A boss that requires strategy and team work (party) to kill is obviously "harder" than a boss that you can solo with one or two melee whacks. When I play this game (or any other game), I aim to have fun and if I don't, I stop. It's not hard work to me. Context matters, you see.

Originally Posted by Torikakae
And the scary thing is: What you don't like about one system, may not be minded by others, or they may even like it. It's not fair to bring them down because some people don't like it.
It seems that more people in this thread disagreed to these new seals than agreed, judging by all the facepalming. Yes, we can choose to move on to other games, or we can voice our opinions. And that's what all of us are doing. I'm not bringing anyone down, and neither are you. If anyone feels brought down by what I said, I'm sorry, I guess?