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Question GameGuard Not loading on my Client?

I'm sorry if my post title was somewhat misleading, but strangely enough, GameGuard will not boot up on my client.

Looking in my Trickster Online root folder, I have the GameGuard.des file---but Gameguard does not load.

I am able to get into the login screen but after inputting my account and password, it just hangs.

Now, it may seem bizarre that I want Gameguard installed on my computer, but honestly it isn't so much I want Gameguard (I've already signed the petition to remove it) as much as it is I find it odd that it should be there, and It should be running---but isn't.

No open processes related to it, no nothing----But obviously there should be. That's why I'm concerned.

If I could get gameguard to run, then i'd be able to try any and all of the various work arounds.

My computer runs an install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, so obviously gameguard is going to have issues with it, but looking through the forums I've yet to see anything of this.

In summary:
  • Trickter opens, no Errors.
  • No gameguard popup or processes.
  • Hangs at login screen.
  • Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

Other information that might be helpful:

Have installed and reinstalled several (5+) times. Have used Pando media booster twice, each time after clicking "Game start" on the launcher trickster immediately closes. No sign of gameguard

When installing an old version (Christmas 2010) I can actually open up the game to see the login screen, but if I have it do a file integrity check in order to force an update, then I jump to a background of Nyxx and Noxx 2012, and then that leads to what I explained above.

If I force an update after that, I get the Pando Media Booster Scenario where TO immediately crashes.

Any ideas?