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Default [SDGO] November Patch Notes

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[SDGO] November Patch Notes

No. 7324 | Date: 11-06-2012

Greetings Pilots!
November details have arrived!

[Maps - added]
- Gibraltar Air Space (PvP)

[Capsule Machines - added]
- Capsule Machine #50
- Capsule Machine #51

[Custom Capsule Machine - added]
- Gundam Airmaster (B Rank)
- Murasame (C Rank)

[Package Items - In-game Shop]
- Legend Gundam Package
- GN Arms Type-D Dynames Package
- Suppressive Fire Package

[Units (Rental by Points / Astros) - In-game Shop]
- 0 Gundam (B Rank)
- Gundam Maxter (A Rank)
- Gundam Rose (A Rank)
- Dragon Gundam (A Rank)
- Bolt Gundam (A Rank)

[Blueprints (Points / Astros) - In-game Shop]
- Unicorn Gundam (A Rank)
- 0 Gundam (B Rank)
- Qubeley Mk-II (AS Rank)

[Stickers - added]
- Astrayfire’s Sticker *User Design Sticker Event Winner
- Revenant’s Sticker *User Design Sticker Event Winner
- xRedComet’s Sticker *User Design Sticker Event Winner
- “Winter” Sticker
- “Autumn” Sticker
- “Summer” Sticker
- “Spring” Sticker
- Celestial Being2 Sticker
- “Tao” Sticker
- “Warrior” Sticker
- “Military” Sticker
- “Period” Sticker
- LAWS Sticker

[Gashapon - November 8th edition]

[Gashapon - units]
Dynames Gundam (AR Rank, 3 Slots)
Abyss Gundam (A Rank, 4 Slots)
Masurao (AS Rank, 4 Slots)
Dijeh SE-R (BS Rank)
Ahead (BR Rank)
Den’an Zon (Black Vanguard Colors) (CR Rank)

[Gashapon - Etc.]
Operator F (3 Days) x1
Premium Teleport x70
10,000 GP
Custom Upgrade Kit x25
CM Coins x10
Level Protectors x3

- More text bugs have been addressed
- BB Senshi units in In-game Shop have now been changed to ACE
- Battleship of Gunfire (Mission) now requires more kills in the first section

[Rare Capsules & Rare Capsule Hammers - Removed]
- Rare Capsules & Rare Capsules Hammers (Points/Astros) will be removed as of November update