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Originally Posted by Rare
I was referring more to the EXP seals than anything. Leveling in TO is already MUCH easier than it is in other games. The party bonuses and booster bracers spoil us enough as it is. On top of that, most people probably still have a good amount of EXP/TM booster potions. And then there are EXP fortunes (rarer, but they exist)! Fiesta twice daily gives a huge boost in leveling. So.. honestly, do we need more cash shop seals that people have to spend money on for yet another advantage?

It's no wonder people get bored and quit this game when level 400 is the new 300. There is no challenge left. Just buy your way through everything!
Well, EXP stamps/seals are a luxury, it costs real money to use and isn't necessarily needed. It's more of a time-saver if you want to call it that, meaning less time GRINDING or more EXP for Powerlevelling

People got bored because there aren't any quests from 300+. The only thing left to do to in order to level faster is to do repetitive stuffs like Fiesta or Chaos Tower. I THINK NOBODY likes to grind. Thus, the EXP stamp was born?

If people wanted the "challenge", stick to strictly in-game equips (no offense meant to anybody )

I really don't get the concept of people complaining that the game is too easy, and then complain that the game is too difficult when GMs gave us hax Tap Spa monsters or almost 100% accurate Fiesta Grand Ballroom monsters. People's hax equipments make the game easy, not the game itself

Originally Posted by Rare
As always, money separates the "strong" from the "weak". By a mile.
Level doesn't necessarily mean you are "strong" nor "weak"
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