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I explained everything I knew step by step because I don't know what you do and don't know.
First problem:

Let's put them into variables again.
'x' will be the money earned last week per hour.
'y' will be the money earned this week per hour.

x will stay the same
y will be changed to (x + .75), for each hour earned last week will get an additional +.75 cents.

So now we have x, and y being changed to x + .75. Since y is revised we will not be needing to use it.

"Effie worked 18 hours last week, and 14 hours this week. She was paid $218.50 for the two weeks. Find Effie's hourly rate."

Let's put this into an equation.
18 x + 14 (x • .75) = $218.50.

We can't add the 18x+14(x + .75) yet, so let's distribute the 14 to the (x • .75).
18x + 14 (x + .75)
18x + 14x + 10.5
Now we can add.
18x + 14x + 10.5
32x + 10.5
Now let's do the equation since we simplified it.
32x + 10.5 = $218.50
32x = $208
x = 6.5

Double checkkkkkkkk
18(6.5) + 14(6.5 + .75)
117 + 14(7.25)
117 + 101.5


Okay, let's see first. I put Friday, Saturday, and Sunday into variables.
Friday's # of visitors is now 'x'. Saturday is now 'y'. Sunday is now 'z'.

Friday is x. Nothing is changed here.
Saturday is now changed to 2x, because it says that on Saturday, *twice as many visitors came as on Friday*. So it makes sense that it's 2x, right? Two times x, twice as much.
Sunday is now 3x+20. *On Sunday there were twenty more [+20] than three times the number of visitors on Friday[3x].* Twenty more than three times on Friday is 20+3x.

So now we have our 3 variables:
Friday is x.
Saturday is 2x.
Sunday is 3x+20.

Now we just have to use the equation to find "x", which will solve Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
1,700 = 6x + 20. (6x + 20 is the equations added altogether)
1,680 = 6x
280 = x

x = 280

Now plug it in.
Friday = 280.
Satuday = 2(280) = 560
Sunday = 3(280)+20 = 840+20 = 860.

Always double check your math = 280+560+860 = 1700

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