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Default Lol.

"i didn't say that u're sad, i said youre a sad case. if you don't know what that mean, use the internet in good things like google, wikipedia & search the definition, besides watching that shows with japanese characters or staying 24/7 on any game. oh hey, you getting "friends" b/c they feel sorry for you, not cus you're good people ((((:"

SOOOOOO. This guy whos name shall not be named unless you guys want to know has been sending me msgs and leaving me vistor messages saying i'm sad and such and that i have no life i'm on this game 24/7 and i watch japanese characters all day but does he really know it all? I suppose he does since he claims to know my life story on these assumptions he has all this time to talk to me about stuff that really is unneccessary like what's above this post Like really kid, Stop wasting your time. And grow up it doesn't make you anymore cooler it just makes you look like an idiot.

His forum name is: [removed]

Just in case you want to check him/her out.
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