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Usually, Those little comments that people have that they should keep to themselves, Kind of sparks my flame. I don't know why i was burden with so much hatred but it's just not healthy at some points. I've noticed it before but never did anything about it till now and even now i'm still a little bothered by some stuff. But life comes from experiences and with those experience we either make the character we'll be in the future or destroy ourselves entirely at the point.

Originally Posted by Almora
For once, I actually agree with you. It's a ******* pain to deal with those kind of people and there's no productive way to ever try to get a point across with them going, "U mad?" / "Rage more" in their minds since they take everything as an attack, which in reality is not.

Some of them can't differentiate between a serious tone from ad hominem statements and just lump them together. Once I put on a serious tone, they think it's an attack. DO I HAVE TO TYPE IN "LOLZ" / "x3" / ":3" / "XD" / "XP" to always make a point.

You can also grow from insults, it's just very very very difficult and only a few can do it without overloading.
I can agree with what you're saying here almora but you should think of something else, The person you're talking to over a game has no idea what tone of voice or how your feelings are at the point those faces are like assurance that you're not annoying the person or they're annoying you. Although some people take it overboard and add like 12 different faces for no apparent reason but you can't blame them for not knowing how you exactly feel.
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