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You know, not all of us (especially me) can freely buy MS. And I don't have that much galder, so at least I must get the correct build in order to avoid spending real money and getting corrective MS gears.
I was waiting for this specific response. I took the automatic cash explanation since it's rare for me to find people that don't spend on this game, whether directly or indirectly(buying your MS off from others) and playing purely on in game equipments. I only know of one person that has gotten into the 3xx's with in game equipment and a few mixes of Myshop.

But by no means am I saying that cash is the automatic way to determine your decision. I really only covered half of it, since I didn't want to confuse you. So basically what I wanted to get across in a more neutral standpoint is:

Go 1414 if you have access to full Myshop and go any other builds higher than 1414 if you don't have access to Myshop or a mix. And, whether if you are the type of person who is okay with very limited weight or not.

Hope that makes it easier to make your decision.

Well, that's what guides and forums are for, so that we could ask others for opinions. I see nephilim12 has better ggftw stats than me so he must be better at this game. And yet he asks questions. What's wrong with me asking for a good build question?

And besides, almost everything is spoon-fed. Awesome guides are in the forums (to name a few: General Guardian FAQ, How Much MA is needed for.., A Brief Guide to Powerlevelling, etc.) Nothing is left for testing since most information is answered on forums, and thus less time wasted on trial and error, less money wasted on corrective MS items. Now isn't that more efficient?

And also, I can barely spend time to play this game, so as much as possible I better get it right on the first go since it will take some time to restart a new character, and costly to reset the stats or to get corrective gear.

I do love to read since it prepares me for the problems ahead. And it's always good to ask questions. And we are here to help each other out (guides, replies to posts, etc.)
I understand 100%. My apologies about the first paragraph though, it does look like it was written in an insulting way. I wasn't trying to look down on you in any way or direct it at you, it was me speaking in general terms. That's pretty much what happens when I opt to leave out a smiley or emoticon, it's not my style to include them in a serious discussion.

I've been on this forum for quite a while and I see the exact kind of people I described and it baffles me. In addition when I meant spoon fed, it was directed more towards people who are lazy to scout the information(already tested, described, broken down, explained) themselves via Search function.

Good to know you enjoy reading the information and guides out here. I don't see a problem with genuine ignorance.

Originally Posted by KungFuPets
My response in spoilers.

Almora, thanks for the advices I do look forward to the endgame topic

Edit: As what I said, I was shocked since MOST (if not ALL) guides steered clear of the 1414 build. That's why I wanted to ask further. Thanks
Yeah that's fine. Most of the magic guides are outdated save 1 or two. Mines isn't updated either so I didn't get the chance to reword my opinion of 1414 now.

I do see 1414 as a superior build for end game non-light mages in this age of Trickster.

Reasons are:
-Most have access to their end game MS equipment, all comped and prepped. They are either bought indirectly or directly. The users of the respective classes are experienced and have 100% control of what they want/vision that works.

-Once we've reached 400, you don't need as much weight to support your grinding needs. The things we often participate in are bossing and CT. The weight of the equipment rewards are just about right to not make us fat. So, we don't need that surplus of 4 in sense and the loss of LK is pretty much easy to make up for via the options I provided before.

-Tying back in with "we don't need as much weight for our grinding needs," we don't need to lug around as much MP pots too. We are lucky to have cure, which in turn lessens our need for HP pots, resulting in less occupied weight as well.

-Because of those points, I definitely see a more favorable route in terms of all around efficiency, in PvP or PvE(end game usually).

However, people like Lyn and I for the most part, can't stand the minimal weight. I know Lyn collects fuses so that WILL add up to quite a lot of occupied weight.

For me, it irks me to get fat with only picking up 5-8 pieces of high level equipment. I hoard questies, altiverses and MP pots like no tomorrow. My computer can't handle dual clienting, so constantly switching over to the family computer is a pain just to load up a mule for storage.

It really is preference and a necessity for some.

This is written from a standpoint of going the 1414 without the weight pouch. Of course if you do have a weight pouch, you pretty much have nothing to worry about and have unlimited access to weight.

Good luck!