Thread: [OGPlanet] Connection is totally broken :/
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Default Connection is totally broken :/

Hey everyone!
I know this forum is almost dead, and i don't really think i can get the help that's needed, but i'll try it anyway :x
So since i took a break from latale for some time, maybe about a year or so, i now wanted to get on it again. First installed the launcher and game again, and it worked. Then i didnt try it about a week long because of work and some stuff, and then i wanted to log in again to farm some seeds and cards and whatnot...but i couldn't log into the launcher, he didnt even load his front screen(where we get all the games and such stuff)
So i thought maybe it's a maintenance, and checked the ogp homepage. but even that wouldnt load. So i was sure it was serversided and gave up for the moment.
Problem is, this moment didnt actually change until now :/ even right now, i cant really log in the game, maybe after a few tries, i manage to log in the launcher, get the lt-launcher to pop-up, and even get into the game screen. but the farest i came so far was the char select screen. after choosing, i dont get a chance of loading the game itself. it just tells something of due to traffic, or no response...or just the disconnection from the server >_>
and as said, this happens ever freaking time i want to play it...
already tried to run the launcher as admin, even it's kinda nonsense since this acc on my computer is the only one and has all admin rights and stuff...but still i tried, and for some reason the launcher loaded a tiny bit faster...(only like 5 mins for all games to show up or so) and the game launcher also reacts almost as it's just woken up...bust still, even if the game itself loads for a sec, i cant even get the char to move before the disconnection pop up shows his mad face on the screen ;_;

So anyone maybe can help me out with this?