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Originally Posted by Dare
I've heard the exact opposite.

Uses less than 7 at least.
I just can agree with that.

Installed Windows 8 32-Bit for testing purposes on an old computer last Weekend. (1998~2001, 1 GB RAM, 950 MHz Pentium II, 128MB AGP Graphics, 20 GB HDD)
Only upgraded the hardware (RAM and Graphics) to minimum-system-requirements.
Windows 8 is running faster than XP on this slow old system.

Upgraded my Notebook to Windows 8 too... I doesn't have any resource problems. It's running way better and faster than Windows 7.
Very stable.
(4 GB DDR2-RAM, 2GHz Dual Core, 1 GB Graphics, 320 GB HDD)

Even if I doesn't really like this new UI, I can anyone recommend this upgrade. It is worth it. xD