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Smile Revolutions Tips To Refining!

Heya everyone, before we start, if you don't already know what refining is, you can check here.

Anyways, here are a few tips on how to get your weapons to a good level with less fail.

1. If its altiverse/requiem/chaos you're refining, it would be better not to refine your hax one and have a good chance of getting it broken. Instead, buy some junk versions (low stat,slot,etc) since they're cheap, and refine that instead. So this way, if you happen to get a high refine level and not break it, you can
forge it, and possibly get that refine level on your good stat/slot one. Note: You will have to put the refined one on the first slot in order to keep the refine level (thanks to Cepheid, Almora, and fate23 for the information). .

2. Try using anvils if you have a pretty low chance of success. By low I mean: 20%,10%,5%. It would probably help to save up repair powders (depending on the level of the equipment, it will cost that many repair powders. Example: Level 10= 10 repair powders used to repair.). Also, there may be those sort of events where you can get free anvils, so make the best of it .

3. Refine Fortune. These can really help, especially when you have a high % of refine fortune. It adds a % from the success rate, not adding it depending on the % of refine fortune. Example: A weapon has a 50% chance of success in refining. Having 10% refine fortune, It will be 55%, not 60% (please correct me if I am wrong). At times, you may see people giving refine service with 90% refine fortune, you can ask them to refine your item for you if you can trust them (or they give collateral).

4. Try getting the refine ores beforehand as it makes it easier not having to go back and forth to the mines. Afk drilling would be the easiest way, But you can just manual drill too. Try getting those crazy drills (the one which fills your stress meter faster than others) and do alot of crazy drilling

5. Try not to refine a weapon if you know you're going to change it soon. That can waste repair powders,anvils and refine ores.

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