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Originally Posted by KungFuPets
I do get confused , since Light Hybrids with SoH don't die, why pump a 3 or 4 (or even a 2) in CHARM?
That was my point exactly. Why? It's a complete waste of 3 points that could be put in Sense. And as you said, the horror of crappy WT. I hate it, I hate repotting, I hate using WT pouches (more like spending money on them) so that's a no-go for me.

It is definitely people's preference what they want to do with their builds. It could be a 4 in anything for all I care; I just don't understand a decision that doesn't seem logical. 2k DP or whatnot, it really doesn't matter. On the low level maps, you just won't die. At Beetles, Self Destruct does a 6-digit figure damage, so nothing will save you (unless you're one of those 100k+ HP Charms). Ice Bears will almost always kill you after they stun you. Elsewhere, the chances of dying are slim to none. Maybe it does make a difference in some situations, but the bad still outweighs the good.