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Originally Posted by InfernalGuy
Well that is my personal opinion. Why compensate weaknesses when you can push strenghts?

At lvl 14x I have 2k+ DP when Light Shield is casted and 10kish HP (no MS) and I don't even need to spam SoH... That's legit to me
I guess he has a point, he has a pumped-up DP due to natural 4 in CHARM and adding Light Shield which boosts 15% DP at mastery. But the weight problems HORROR!

Originally Posted by Rare
A build that I would not recommend for any Light. It's almost impossible to die in PvM with SoH (unless you're careless or just unlucky), so the 4 in Charm is not needed at all while LK, DA and very valuable WT are being sacrificed.
I do get confused , since Light Hybrids with SoH don't die, why pump a 3 or 4 (or even a 2) in CHARM?
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