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Originally Posted by Dare
This brings up a few questions

1. Is there a link you could provide on how to create a back up image?

2. I spoke with a coworker about Win8. He said you can't install 3rd party antivirus etc, is Win8 truly that secure?

3. If I upgrade, will it keep all my current programs installed, and just essentially replace my OS without doing like a reformat?
1. If you use the Windows8 Upgrade Advisor, you can create an reinstall-USB Device or an DVD Image.

2. You still can install/use 3rd party security programs.

3. You only can do an full upgrade with all your data and programs when you use Windows 7 Home Premium.
All other Versions of 7 (Professional, Ultimate) or Vista/XP you only can keep personal data, no programs or settings.

Upgrade to Windows 8 - Microsoft Windows