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Looool seen this thread and I just today made the trials till I finally found a nice way to make these statues So I'll be posting here my way of doing this
First I take a little piece of paper and pen. . .
As for the 5 statues, which are easy anyway, I draw a star with 5 triangles and a pentagon inside, and ignore the pentagon/black it.

Then I write down the numbers inside each triangle of the mob's summon order and then kill em
And for the 8 statue which is harder. . .
First I draw a big square, a horizontal rectangle on it, and a vertical rectangle on it. Then ignore/black the 5 middle squares which look like a +.

In the picture I made numbers 1-8 but thats not how I do it,
While the first 4 (half) statues summon I click them by the order they summon, 2 seconds difference between each click. when clicking a purple bar is appearing under them.
and the last 4, I write down the numbers 1-4 (by the order they summon) in the image I posted above.
Around the time (Or a few seconds later) that there is the "Go!" the purple bars start fading, and then you kill the monsters by the order the purple bars are fading. Now you have only 4 left, and hope they didnt move too much from the places you wrote down
*Notice: It's better not to use the purple bar trick in all 8 statues, I checked it several times and looks like there's a glitch that sometimes the purple bars are staying ruining all your order.*

Hoooope I helped~