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Originally Posted by Xquisite
What are some quests and some leveling spots to get me to lv50? And maybe on my way to my 3rd job advancement too.

If you followed the guide from Sandman's quest (or was it Andrew? I forgot; someone from Paradise) they told you to go meet Guild Clerk Esther. She will then direct you to a Poppuri in Southeast forest (the forest on the right side of the map; I always forget if it's west or east). Thus you will start the Key quest for Poppuri Dungeon. If you do those, that should shoot you up to around lv 45.

Then the Poppuri will guide you to talk to a Talking Chicken in the Gate of Caballa and if you do the Caballa quests (lv 50+) and Episode 1 Quests (start with Monkey_T), it should get you to lv 65+ Just follow the character's guides on who to go to next and you'll keep moving up in the area.

I also suggest you look through this website's wiki for more info on quests, items, pets, equips, etc.
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Originally Posted by Xquisite
And also, why are all of the prices so jacked up? I see stuff on the market being sold for millions and billions of galder and coming from a status of hiatus, I'm so confused So what can I do to increase my funds to keep up with the overwhelming prices? Are Lv40 GB still in-demand?
The prices in this game have risen an insane amount, especially in Jewelia. Fuses are probably the biggest things you're seeing. Fusing is basically fusing a stat equipment and your desired image equipment together to get the two things people in this game want: a cool/cute/whatever styled look, and stats. It makes previously untrade-able items now tradeable (equips only).

Lv. 40 GBs are still in demand. So are Lv. Up GBs and specific other GBs that have a booster in them. Although, I don't know the price range as I'm not a Jewelian player.
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