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Default Coming back from hiatus; Starting a new character

Hello. I've started playing TO back in 07' (or '08) and quit a year later. I came back in 2010 or 2011 and quit again. I mained a lv93 2143 Pure AC Lion named Liger-Zero-x and I feel like I want to start over.

So I started a new 4114 3AP/1WT Raccoon (following Kyzuumi's Gambler guide) named SakurasHand. Well, lv1-35 was a peace of cake (those blooming cora and desert beach quests really bring you up really fast.. especially if you have a Fox for drillables). But now I don't know where to go.

What are some quests and some leveling spots to get me to lv50? And maybe on my way to my 3rd job advancement too.

And also, why are all of the prices so jacked up? I see stuff on the market being sold for millions and billions of galder and coming from a status of hiatus, I'm so confused So what can I do to increase my funds to keep up with the overwhelming prices? Are Lv40 GB still in-demand?