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IGN: EnJuLiUs / dxIcExb
Class: Cat/Buff
Level: 3xx / 3xx
Guild: .*DnA*.
Default tenter spear/soki staff

S> lvl10 (totalAP = 3024), 234% (60,59,56,59) tenter spear - 4b
S> lvl0 clean Gray Ash Staff - 5b

S> clean 3s 1.5kbaseGunAP 51AC 48LK Crimson GUN - 1b
(I can make this lvl7 but wud be additional 130m)

S>lvl0 clean gray ash shield - 500m

and...sorry for not posting images...
to lazy to take and upload

IGN: dxIcExb
World: Jewelia