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Originally Posted by jawfin
Being kicked to the curb by Wasabii without even so much as a "sympathy-pop" (so to speak) will certainly jade a person.

I know I won't be dropping considerable cash on TW anymore. At any moment, and without warning, we could all be cut-off again. All it would take is OGPlanet to read these threads, complain to Softmax, and demand that Wasabii abide by the letter of the "non-compete" clauses in their franchise agreements.

So why even bother with TW?

Because there are people that we'd like to play with that can't access the NA server. For whatever problems OGP has, it now has the recognized server for North America. But there are IP blocks preventing some people who used to be on TW from accessing the OGP NA server.

A similar situation exists with the SEA server.

So that means we need a place we can all access.

It seems that by using some communication and a little luck, Wasabii is letting people come back by specific request.

Wasabii's server is where we will all be able to meet, talk, and play, without penalty (apart from lag).

It's uncertain how long it will last (hopefully a very long time) but right now it's the best option for everyone to come back together.

I'm still keeping my NA account. I've got 77 pages of hangers and nearly every suit released so far. I can spend and be relatively certain I won't be summarily kicked and blocked from my account. It's where I'll be hanging my hat.

I've still got my KR account as well. I may only log in a couple of times a month, but it's still there.

But I'm happy to have access to my TW account again.

I'm hoping that some old names will make the effort to get unbanned and come back.

That's why we're discussing things. That's why we're trying to decide the best way to organize things. That's why it's worth reading the walls of text, to be sure everyone expresses their concerns and that we all understand each other.

The Wasabii SDGO Server: It's a place we can all come back to.

If you want to.