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Originally Posted by Bng422
TW isn't all goody goody though; like Koreans, the Taiwanese aren't too fond of foreigners as well. It's just a coincidence that I can understand the insults and jokes about foreigners they say to their friends, thinking we don't understand them. I see English speaking players unknowingly get insulted and kicked for no particular reason at all, mostly just because they speak English. In TW, foreigners don't get blacklisted or banned individually, but there has been 2 major IP blocks for North America. If you haven't noticed yet, the IP block for TW left a sour taste in my mouth.

KR, well once might be luck but more than 5 times isn't a coincidence. I learned some of the words and type them to enforce room rules. A lot of people know that I'm not Korean, but some have pm'ed me saying thanks for learning Korean and being part of the community. The only thing I've seen that piss Koreans off is that players don't follow the room rules, just keep switching into other suits that are banned and wasting time. That's when the infamous "go home china" line kicks in.
IP block was reasonable, seeing how the registration was easy as heck. Even the full membership program used to be a joke registration that allowed you to register quick. They're stepping it up making their residents have priority over the overseas players.

I will disagree with your lucky breaks from speaking english. If that applied to you, then that doesn't explain the other blue locks and accounts being banned. Just because it applies to you, does not automatically apply to other people. I won't disagree with some of the things you say though, it's just that every KR account is a ticking time bomb and was illegally obtained. There should be some moral thing applied here but I'm not going to bother with that.

I don't love NA, but it's certainly better to stay away from certain people.

This is going to be wall of texts all over again and the topic is going to get derailed as usual.
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