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Originally Posted by nephilim12
Thanks for the replies! +rep'd both of you!

Could you state the reasons why Fire/Electric is better than Water/Electric? based from the guides I've read they recommend Water/Electric more (maybe they are outdated?)

Do Water/Electric have trouble killing any of the bosses? same goes with Fire/Electric.
Fire gives you more DoT skills (Phoenix Rising/Scorching Earth) than Water.

Also, this is just another opinion, but 1414/1423 really is only good for you if you don't want to waste money/coupons recharging a WT pouch, or else you'll find yourself needing to repot very often. For this reason, I never go with a low Sense build, but that's just a personal preference. Almost all my characters have a 4 in Sense.

I have a 1441 Soul Master and don't have any problems surviving once she's equipped with a good boss shield and another piece of HP accessory.