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Originally Posted by Bng422
By your logic then you would love to play NA...

Think about it from a player's perspective that knows neither mandarin or korean; which server would he choose if he could speak neither?

I honestly don't think the language barrier is big enough of a deal to not play a server. At least not for the old TW players, like the doods from MMOG.
The problem with the language barrier, was the fact if you spoke english in TW, there wouldn't be a perma ban/getting reported. While KR when someone says something in english, automatically blacklisted. Sometimes, I kind of want to be able to actually understand what other people say rather
than guess what they are saying and copy/paste stuff down to try and communicate with them.

I heard of your previous accident where you spoke english and somehow got away from getting banned. Personally, I think it was pure luck and not every korean player is as loyal to their server as to reporting suspicious players that might not be korean. (Zahl fell prey to this before)

It's wonderful that you know the symbols for KR SDGO, but I doubt most of the people that copy and paste the words even know how to pronounce the symbols. TW wasn't a problem because both of us understood the language.

I don't love NA, but it certainly is much safer than playing in KR. But if you have your way of staying safe in KR, that's fine. I just want to take it safe.

I would answer all the questions, but seeing how I'm not even full-time in this game anymore, not going to bother.

Originally Posted by beef1218
Cool. I logged in and played with Trueharmony today. How active is the Refuge? Is Nek0 still playing SDGO? I heard that he quit a while ago.
Jawfin proposed to create a new clan for the same purpose and it's good to know a clan already exists.
Nek0 is busy in real life right now and probably translating LNs.
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