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Originally Posted by Dumma
1. Yes but you'll need a myshop rune
2. No

do you mean it doesnt transfer, but works on the unit itself? (aura of luck provides bonus luck only to guardian if guardian casts; trickster if trickster casts)

or do you mean auras cannot be learned?

3. Go here

And the last type that flashed after the secret empathy point thing will get 2 points in it while only 1 point everywhere else right? or is the 2 points thing not guaranteed?

4. If you want Ifron 1625 for a non-legendary and 2624 for a legendary one not counting secret mission points, If you don't want Ifron then try Krusef 1526 for a non-legendary and 2426 for a legendary

i think you mean 1265, 2264 for ifron, and 1256,2246 for krusef. Ifron IS the sense one right?

considering these, what skills would you recommend getting? other people have said that a 1 in charm for skunk is all you really need in the charm portion. Shield all could be great if it works. i just dont know if it does.

LK breaker and rust could be good debuffs. Im just really not sure what to do with the extra points, so guardian skill builds would be nice~
see above

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