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Originally Posted by jawfin
Your ability to play will be based off of whatever IP address you supplied them.

If you supplied the WAN IP address you use at school, then hopefully they'll unblock that.

I supplied the WAN IP address I use at home.

Any computer and SDGOTW account connecting through my home wireless network can connect and play without a problem.

However, my account is still blocked at work (different IP address).

If you supplied your "school" ip address, then anybody using your school's internet should be able to connect and play... unless your school has multiple WAN IP addresses. If it does, then only connections using the WAN IP address you submitted would be able to play.

Hmmm, probably should go grab the IP address of the Theater and Java Class...

TY Jawfin :3

EDIT: Just got a message asking for where I live and my IP again, AWESOME ^_^
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