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Default Golden Ash Closed Lot 2

Has anyone experienced this?

I was on the 20th cycle of the Techichi PQ and my bunny just froze as soon as I entered Closed Lot 2. The timer is still going, I can still open all the game menus and whisper people, but my bunny can't move at all. The monsters seem frozen as well.

I've tried relogging a couple of times but the same thing is happening. I bring my filler to Closed Lot 2 just to check, and she freezes as well. I don't have any problems on other maps so I can only assume it's just Closed Lot 2 being buggy?

Edit: Checked with another account on another computer. More or less the same crap.
Edit 2: Well, scratch the thread title. I'm freezing up in 1st Closed Lot of Precious Jewels now. All the mine maps were fine earlier.

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