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DInfiltrator is on a distinguished road

IGN: DInfiltrator
Level: 70
Main classes: Ranger, mage, illu
Past guild/current guild: Sacred. I've been in it for a year and two months, and might try to do some things with them as well, if I have time.
Reason for wanting to join Imminent: I want to play with and learn from the best, and get better myself.
Date for gear check: Anytime I'm on, really, just add me and send me a whisper.

I work nearly every day, and during the TWs on weekdays, and during most on the weekends. I won't be available for them as much as I'd like, typically 0-2 a week, unless I have a day off. I might be unavailable for some rounds of GvG for similar reasons. I'll be willing to help with trials and TW/GvG when I can, though, even though I'm not very experienced with doing trial runs. ^^;