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Originally Posted by kite384
Attention Guilds!
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Attention Guilds!

Due to the changes being applied to the guild system this maintenance we wanted to make you aware of some changes.

Firstly and most importantly Current Guild points are being removed, dont panic! While the guild points are being removed we are replacing them with an amount of Guild Coins based on your current guild points. These coins can be used to purchase items from the Guild Shop, located in your Guild Menu. One of the items you will be able to purchase is a Guild emblem to set your guild apart from the rest.

Additionally with the new changes being put into place Guild points will no longer provide an EXP bonus.

Finally with the new League setup we will be running Guild Vs Guild Leagues, for the first League we plan on 5 weeks for Free play, your guild vs another guild, a brief pause, and 2 weeks for the playoffs so that Guilds that make the playoffs can schedule with their opponents.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

- Trickster Online
Mr. Optimism, does this mean MoonlightC Guild won't get their usual 20% bonus exp anymore?
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