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Originally Posted by xSHiF7
Maintence extended to 3:00AM PDT
Told ya

What horrifies me with this is them even announcing unachievable goals ...

Why even announce an impossible up time ? Being one of the biggest supporters of the game around, this has always cheesed me off. When I look at patches I can tell straight away more accurately than they can.

They need to extend databases, add new tables, propagate these, backup, check their server pool matches, etc. it's a VERY complex and long winded process. Game doesnt have the financial fart like WoW where they have multiple server pools so can have an entire set in dev, redundancy and live and simply swing over (and even that takes hours).

I feel sorry for the guys and gals

P.S. I am hedging my bet at a further 2 hours, hehe. I then will double down bet that there will be an emergency maint to fix a glitch.