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Originally Posted by Ruriko
I don't think prices the will go down but will still stay the same cause this new function costs more than recharging your driller pet
this also applies to KieranCardan.

There is a simple rule of economics called 'supply and demand'. There will be a swing in prices that is guaranteed. To think otherwise shows extreme naivety. Not having a dig here at either of you - but I have been here since Beta, never left and have been right 99% of the time with price movements.

This will be the initial period as items flood the market (for instance the much lowered prices of lvl up gb's due to Fast track chars - this wont last).

Mind you there will also be an offset I guess, being MS prices increase. Demand will increase further - and less and less people wanting to sell these days

As to the dynamics of items - the rule set I have heard may end up being in either of 2 directions, a basic x + y + z or a designated item. My source mentioned the des item but I cant see that could be applied without causing grief. Mind you you could tailor the rule set I guess quite tightly.

But at end of day - like has been mentioned numerous times, Driller pet gives exp ! Darn hard to beat that


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