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Originally Posted by KungFuPets
And of course they would cost a lot of coupons to reacharge?
Yup, probably similar to current 110's which aren't particularly coupon friendly (I have never recharged old ring of mine due to cost).

They will never become perm items however as;
1. My 2nd fav item on server is the Dragon 190 ring - light attr comp for Melee is INSANE. This is a hard to achieve class boss - would be like making MS sprints perm (aka the Cat class access)
2. They need to get money any way they can, game itself being F2P.

Azumarill - couple of other things to consider. For DA foxes the cape and pet are insane HAX, and also the MD and DP ranges of the shields are NUTS, albeit non tradable. Also you have the CF 230 factor which is an insanely sought after CF at the best of times.

In all honesty I would have preferred these being 250 (even with same stats) - easier to CF with along with better stat comp ranges (once again MS stones though).


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