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From what I have been told (incognito) there are a number of things to consider;

1. 'Drilling' the item is for ANY item there, 90% is not the chance of getting the item you are after. If you get an item you have not selected to store then it will be 'ignored'.
2. What happens to 'ignored' items ? Are we going to have maps covered in loot such that you cant click to move without picking up loot ?
3. Why does Crocodile taste like Chicken ?
4. If you select 20 different items types to 'drill' and pet comes back once done and you have 293/300 items how does that work ?
5. If you select xxx items and pet comes back once done and WT of items would put you over 100% how does that work ?
6. What is the actual component of the pet doing ? Meaning if it remains there 'drilling' in a map and you head off - as Pet is no longer 'with' you still get pet stat bonuses and/or set bonuses ?
7. Spelling/denotion of item - I believe you have to have the item on you first and drag this into the 'I want this list' in order to register it to do some work (not like an ex of mine who was LAZY as ... work was a four letter word to her).
8. If I had 3 cupcakes and Keiko and L (Cepheid) ate 1 each how many would I be left with ?

My biggest fears with regards to this when I first heard about its development were as follows;
1. Major disruption of economy (again) - prices have the potential to plummet.
2. Lag based issues - this is actually quite an extension onto the client/server data packet, if done in large numbers will add somewhat. Is about time to upgrade the servers anyway and incorporate failsafe redundancy and auto map awareness scripts (as in daemon processes monitoring status of maps and core functions - if issue found resolve or restart that component)
3. I guess my biggest worry is simply - I am hungry and am not sure what to have for Dinner ! *sigh*