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Heya. At this moment, my chara is busy Card IDing (aiming for a Legendary Sephirens), which means I can have a Bulletin up for a long time, which also means, it may be time to get into fashion.

As you can see from my avatar, I'm a simple Blue-haired witch wearing Black and White Fashion. I love how my headband looks with my fashion, and I was wondering if there are equips (shield+sword/staff/pet) that will look good with it.

i currently have a Karu pet equipped. It's cute, but what will be more cute? (wanted a blue penguin at first)

I actually planned on looking like either Bunny Maid or Mint (Id be in 2nd job), but meh. i couldn't find a cheap bunny headband or the character pets.

I also have a Heart Face Tattoo face acc, but i find it weird because it looks like my sheep's face is bleeding. What other face accs can I trade it for? and what other face acc would look good on me? (I bet one of you would mention those blue glasses lol)

So.. What shield and weapon do you think will look good on my char?
And if you think a different pet can make me look better, what pet is it?

Sorry incase this thread's in the wrong section.

You guys can also post screenshots of your fashion as well. XD

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