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Default Gasland

As the presidential election draws near in the United States, both candidates Obama and Romney advocate for energy independence at the president debates. Natural gas was presented as the clean, green energy source and our solution to our dependence of foreign oil, what they don't say is that the unregulated extraction process of the gas is anything but "green".

"Director Josh Fox interviews people around the country who have seen the effects of fracking first hand, after the process was used on or near their own land. Effects reported range from horrific physical ailments, such as cancer and brain lesions, to at least one guy who can light his home's tap water on fracking fire."
Gasland Movie Review - HBO Documentary Gasland Review - Esquire

"Gasland" is a documentary film that shows the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing, a method currently being used to extract the natural gas trapped in shale rocks.

This is a very interesting film that I recommend everyone to watch, especially those living in California and New York as there are already plans for gas extraction underway near our farms. While these effects may not necessarily happen to us, it's still good to keep in mind of what could happen if something goes wrong.

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