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Originally Posted by Phelgming
I'm not saying it won't be used. In fact, I'm figuring it will be.

The thing is, if he makes another AS Hyaku Shiki for the BP and on the off-hand chance it's not actually used in it, then he's out however much it took to make it. That's why I'm saying he should wait before he takes any hasty actions.

By all means it's less of a gamble than certain other things, though. Say perhaps waiting in anticipation for something you want that may very well never come (like my MP Nu Gundams... T-T) while saving up all your resources and thus never actually getting anything else because of your shot-in-the-dark hopes of something that is mostly likely not particularly probable.

That said, I was never holding my breath; I just thought they'd be nice to have (much to the apparent chagrin of everyone else here). I mean, if I'm not mistaken, that was a thread about units you thought should be in the game; not a thread about units you think will be in the game.
actually, i'm pretty sure I have an AS shiki plan in my room that's waiting to be used... and I'm also pretty sure I have all the units so.... it's not that hard lol... I'm just too lazy to do it.