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Originally Posted by Nihil679
All .hack games? G.U. included?

Seeing some RPG in there, I'd put out Persona 3 FES (has to be, must be) and Persona 4 (though this is getting a Vita remake, if you have that console). Turn-based RPG/dating sim etc.
I can't emulate Persona games worth a crap.

Originally Posted by Nihil679
I don't really play much else PS2 games, but if you don't mind dabbling around since it's not costing you any money, Ar Tonelico is sure to take up a lot of time.
I found Star Ocean Til the End of Time fun, thought it had interesting combat mechanics for its time.
I always wanted to try that one, but I forgot about it. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Nihil679

As for games, if you enjoyed Guilty Gear as a fighting game, they're releasing the reboot(?) of AC+ as AC+R in November on PSN, so I guess that's something to look forward to. If you like fighting games in general, you could wait for BlazBlue Chronophantasma, and... I would say Persona 4 Arena, but apparently you live in Europe. Pity.
Outside of fighting games, Borderlands 2 has been providing a lot of mileage of play and has splitscreen co-op for your brother if you want.
I thought Borderlands 2 was for PC only? o.o

Originally Posted by Nihil679
Things and stuff.
Thanks a bunch. ^^

Originally Posted by Vith
I was going to suggest Dragon Quest 8, but you already have that listed. I personally find 'Bully' to be a great game with an awesome soundtrack, and it is a game you might enjoy. I would also suggest Silent Hill 2 and 3 (SH3 being my favorite), but those games may not be your style of entertainment.

If you are into classic games, you also might enjoy 'Sonic Mega Collection Plus', which is amazing (includes Sonic 1+2+3 and all the Sonic & Knuckles addons).
Not a fan of scary games. I scare easily. I don't really do classic games either. I played the classic Sonic games and I was pretty "meh" on them.

Originally Posted by Care
Here are some PS2 games that I've played and enjoyed. Maybe you'll enjoy them, too:

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