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Default Good games for the PS2 for me? (And a question about the PS3)

I guess this is an okay place for this thread.

Um, without going into it too much, I just need new games for the PS2. I'm using a PS2 emulator, and my laptop isn't amazing, so I'd rather not the games be anything with high graphics.

Games for the PS2 I've played and loved:


That's all I can think of that I can be bothered to freaking remember. I went through Gamefaq's list of all PS2 games and put down the ones I could remember ever playing. I loved most of them, a couple I wasn't a -huge- fan of, but eh. Just to give you an idea. I lean more towards strategy games and fantasy games. Like Disgaea, .hack, Dragon Quest VIII, those kind of games. But I will still gladly play games of other genres.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be great. I'm currently downloading KH 2 to see how it fairs on this laptop, and I will give results once I get them.

Now, onto the PS3 thing. I'll have money in a couple of months to buy a new PS3 with two controllers (for me and my brother). I also want to buy a few games. So, based on what I gave up top, I'd like recommendations for PS3 games as well. I already plan on getting Disgaea 3 and 4, since I love the series and REALLY want to play them. But, other than that, I've only ever briefly played like three PS3 games ever. So, help on that please.

The question I had about the PS3 is if the PS3's models that are sold on places like Amazon or in retail stores like Wal-Mart or something like that. Kinda big stores, or game stores like Gamestop, would those current models be able to play PS2 games as well? Another question I have is that how high of a memory should I get if I buy a PS3? As I do hear PS3 games take up a rather large amount of memory.

That's about it. Feel free to just post and respond with a tidbit or two about anything in the entire post. Thanks. ^^