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3rd Job Bunny Fashion Set III [x1] - 355m (7.1k)
Repair Powder [x9] - 225m (4.5k)*
Protein Candy [x?] - 80m (1.6k)*
Artisan's Flame [x3] - 215m (4.3k)
Shara's Bottle [x?] - 95m (1.9k)
AP Hardant 240 [x?] - 60m (1.2k)
Time Capsule Ticket [x1] - 250m (5k)
Darkness Capsule 185 [x3] - 200m (4k)*
Bubble Gum 250 [x1] - 430m (8.6k)*
AP Magic Stone 245 [x3] - 255m (5.1k)*

Items with a * are a priority.


I'm also willing to trade any of the items in my selling thread and/or 4G cards for the above, plus the following:

Tenterpaws (fused)


Please gift first if your iTrader is lower than mine.