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Reva will become famous soon enoughReva will become famous soon enough

Was working NON STOP since my last post (14h per day... dat house... god damn it)

here's what I got:

親愛的玩家您好: 關於您的問題,您的問題已解決請您重登遊戲再次確認,謝謝。 有任何的建議事項,也歡迎您再次來信,謝謝。

Success =)

Here's what I typed (Title is Canada IP block)

I am a Canadian player who have been playing on your server already for several years but was banned thanks to NA sdgo. I would like to request access to your servers again as I played well before NA sdgo was opened. My IP is: ________________ Thank you

no hassle at all, they didn't ask for anything and just said a-ok

I think the easiest way to do it is to give them your IP and country so they can get working on it right away
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